Final Reflection: Every ending has a new beginning…

So the module is coming to an end but this is by no means the end of blogging or my life on the web.   I definitely underestimated the amount of new, useful skills I would learn from this module. I’ve learnt so much about living and working on the web and seen lots of progress in my digital skills from week to week. I’ve summarized this in the Prezi below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 23.29.43

I’ve seen just how useful digital tools are in conveniently summarising information in a more interesting way and this Prezi is an example of this!

At the beginning of the module I completed a self- test. You can see the results before and after below:

self test

It also included what I personally wanted to learn from this module and this is what I wrote:

“I am keen to see how to create one [a blog] and see how it can enhance my learning and potentially open up new opportunities for me.”

Now I can say that I have achieved all of this and more…

Firstly,  I have definitely seen how to create a blog and not just at a basic level. I started off extremely basic in my very first blog, not even including an image or hyperlink. Now I understand how to do this and more, including for example changing fonts, colours, themes, embedding videos, commenting on others blogs and exploring similar blogs via hashtags.

Secondly I’ve certainly seen how it can enhance my learning. By reading and commenting on other students blogs topic by topic, I was enable to gain a much wider knowledge than say for example, just writing the piece myself and this is demonstrated in my reflection posts. In Topic 4 I particularly saw the value of commenting on other students blogs. My blog post for that week generated quite a discussion. The comments encouraged me to think critically and therefore encouraged even more thought and learning on that particular topic.  This is also possible because it is public and I saw how linking your social media can increase your readership when I tweeted links to my blog and then embedded my twitter into my blog after feedback from Topic 3.  I’ve also tweeted interesting reads for each topic and seen how hashtags can work effectively to collaborate information:

twittertwitter 3

Thirdly, of course it has opened up new opportunities for me. This was particularly noticeable after Topic 3 which was all about building a professional online presence. Students shared tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile which I have subsequently done but also other helpful tips that I’d never thought to do before, such as creating an About me page, which I said I would do after completing Topic 3. You can see this below:

about me


I’m really pleased with how much I learned in this module and how much I improved my digital skills. Although I love social media, I’ve never really thought of myself as a particularly digital person and I always been a bit apprehensive about learning these skills as, if I’m honest I thought they were a lot more difficult than they actually are! So I’m so pleased I choose this module and this is definitely not the end of blogging. I’m now confident that I have the essential digital skills and knowledge about the dangers and benefits of living and working on the web, to continue to build my online presence and not be afraid to learn even more new digital skills.

Here are the three key things I’ve learnt:

1). Social media is underestimated as a tool for both education and employment. Multiple online identities help to manage your online presence.

2) There are dangers associated with being online, which many people are unaware of.

3) Think before your post-  remember your digital footprint and what the implications of your actions could result in!