Why I choose this module

I am lucky in that I get to choose modules outside of my subject discipline. Being in my final year, like others, I place heavy consideration on the assessment when choosing modules. With four modules this semester, I needed something different to essays. Naturally, a module that involved blogging as part of the assessment stood out to me.

When I began to read more about this module, I realised that it was something that I could learn both very useful skills from and one that I was very interested in. The idea of enhancing my learning on the web was very attractive to me because recently I’ve really noticed how much online networks are being used to collaborate information and debate around current issues, recently this has become more and more noticeable with new features on twitter. It is definitely an underestimated part of learning.

It is also a subject where I feel I have lots of room to learn. I’ve never considered myself very ‘technical’ so it will be interesting to see how much I can learn in just this short amount of time. This is something I will be reflecting on at the end of the course and to support this I’ve completed this Self Test, which I will then undertake again in May to see how much I’ve learnt.

Overall the main things I hope to take away are, new ways of gathering and sharing information, understanding how/when to have the most appropriate online identity and of course how to produce the best blog!