TOPIC 4: Reflection

Topic 4 was very diverse in terms of the variety of ethical issues addressed, even though I focussed on ethical issues associated with authenticity of voice in social media use for education, I learnt a lot from others. There were a few posts on the digital divide, I commented on Shaheer’s blog, where I reflected on the divide in more developing countries such as the UK, and the implications for the employment world here. My comment on Hannah’s blog was completely different as I talked about how I thought cyberbullying stemmed from the ability to be anonymous online, which I had mentioned in my blog. Hannah’s blog also made me question the huge numbers of cases of unreported cyberbullying and whether this makes a difference to the effort that goes into reducing it.

Haley and Hannah commented on my blog and raised an important point about where it would be safe to implement social media education for younger children and at what age. This is something I hadn’t really thought about and we discussed that it would be a good idea to have some sort of special site for this where comments and discussions could be moderated and therefore ethical issues such as cyberbullying would be reduced.

I choose not to discuss ethical issues in businesses and social media, but reading Rofini’s blog, I feel I have a better insight. She mentioned privacy as being a significant issue and Michele talked about similar issues, and had also created an interesting diagram on Cacoo, which showed the implications of privacy and social media for business. I also feel privacy is just as important an issue in education as people can easily ‘steal’ the knowledge you post online and claim it as their own.

In the discussions I took part in, and from what I concluded, I still think that some form of education is needed on the ethics of social media, whether it be to warn of the dangers, know how to use it correctly, or to know what is yours online.

On a more personal note through this blog I feel I have really improved my own digital skills. After being inspired by other bloggers, I finally used Powtoon and Piktochart -plus I have embedded my twitter into my blog. I hope on my final blog post, there will be even more improvement!

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