TOPIC 2: Reflection


Many of the blogs this week gave a good general summary of the literature available on online identities and the use of examples made them more relatable to read, see for example Becca’s blog, which I commented on. Some blogs focussed in on specific areas, which was also interesting to read. For example Sam talked about online identities and mental health, suggesting that the anonymity that comes with having multiple identities, for example two Facebook accounts, allows a person to interact with people in an online environment without the stigma that comes with mental illness- something I hadn’t thought about but definitely agree with. But also others (for example Ellie) and myself included, also mentioned the damage that could potentially come with having multiple online identities, in the way that often people become a different person online; hiding behind a fake profile which could have damaging effects for future wellbeing. A few people had included quotes from Mark Zuckerburg, for example, Ellis, which I found useful because I think it can be agreed he has had a lot of experience with this topic and so what he says is fairly reliable.

To conclude, after reading through other people’s blogs and through my own research, I have learnt a lot about managing online identities. Especially that it is a very important topic as many people are not aware of the tractability of their online footprint. It is also more relevant now than ever as not only do we spend more of our lives online, but we also use increasingly more websites and have accounts for more and more sites. There are definitely pro’s and cons of both, but I still stand firm to having just one online identity at the moment, however I realise as I enter different stages of my life this is definitely subject to change. However, I still question (like Holly) whether total privacy is actually possible online?

Here’s where I commented on others posts:






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