TOPIC 1: Reflection


I must admit, I never really thought it was necessary to have such a framework as ‘Digital Visitors and Residents’, however after researching myself but particularly after reading  other students blogs on the topic, I’ve changed my mind. For me, it was really interesting to see how ‘Digital Visitors and Residents’ affects employers, social media but above all learning techniques on the web. Plus I can now see that people do not adopt either the ‘Visitor’ or ‘Resident’ mode but usually use a combination of the two and this is dependent on what they are doing on the web.

My blog described the digital visitors and residents and I included a couple of examples of how different day-to-day activities on the web reflects either the digital ‘Visitor’ or ‘Resident’ mode. I found it interesting to read blogs where students had critically reflected on themselves in relation to the concept and also when they had thought about how other people other than themselves fit the different modes, for example BloggerJodie used the example of her mum, showing how she is a ‘classic digital visitor’ as she goes online for a specific task such as to check her emails and then goes offline again. Plus after reading through other people’s blogs I found some really interesting points that criticised White and Conru’s concept. For example AnnaClareGrace criticised White and Conru’s for contradicting himself when actually ended up conforming to Prenksy’s digital natives and immigrants concept, which he had previously criticised himself.

Importantly what I really learnt from topic one was how although we were all set the same topic everyone managed to write something differently which sparked different debates around the topic. This showed me a new way of learning, by learning through others; it certainly got you thinking more than just writing an essay yourself.

Here’s where I commented on other blogs:


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